Milano-Taranto 2018 by Martin Robinson

As some of you well no I had a break in the Lambertta seen for nearly 10 years in the break I was busy with my business but never lost the love of the Lambretta returning back to work in 2009 I met up with Kevin Welsh at a part fair in Doncaster with my two sons David and Stephen Robinson it was decided that I would return back to it with a bit more time on my hands as I have sold my businesses and semi retired then so it began doing 166 rallies back to back riding 165 of them i’m in the van with a broken wrist broken thumb and for broken ribs in that seven-year spell I Came first 6 time LCGB BSM Championship and came 2nd One year along the way in the championship I would like to think I help several people along the way with their quest to win David Robinson Donna Harrison Robinson Horace Horace Sid Hopper Andrew Vass and several others with doing the championship for seven years i’m going to some amazing places with the LCGB BSM and met some wonderful and amazing people along the way and made many new friends Plus met up with many old friends from the past at this stage in my life I felt I needed to do something different with the worlds finest motorscooter so with this in mind I decided to do that nomad Rally event in Morocco which today tested me on the machine to the ultimate and by far it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done on a Lambretta on where I met more new friends while this was all going on I was watching other events around the world happening keeping a close eye on the Milan Toronto event knowing it is very hard to get a place on the event with a big help from David Waddingham ie waddo with a lot of fingers crossed and hoping Dave Thankfully managed to pull it out the bag for me and Sid Hopper my dad So now preparation begins for Mi-Ta 2018


A few thing went wronga long the way with the van drivers unfortunately my very good friend James Rose and his wife Mrs pillar rice was driving the back of van for us but a week or before jim had a stoke which meant we had no backup driver or van so dave decided to drive the van to Milan to drop the scooters off and then on to Bari for the end destination dave Martyn Scully and Paul set off with the van then flew back to Milan for the start point where me sid and Robert cherry met back up The event started at 12 o’clock Saturday night obviously that meant the first stage was through the night on this stage I lost one of my side panels in a 5 km tunnel cheddar just about to pick it up as a van run over such is life on the third stage my rear hub decided I did not want to be attached to my scooter anymore with the rear cone will worn cheddar Gave me a new rear cone but the rear hub was worn as well so at the end of every stage I would have to re-tighten the rear hub in needing a new hub I came across a wonderful young man name Vito Donato Vdrdd on which he spent hours on his phone talking to is Italian friends he managed to track one down for me from a chap called Ninivaggi Teresa many thanks to both of these guys as it meant I could complete the Milano Taranto I did 1256 miles in the most beautiful countryside you could imagine up and down five mountain ranges on roads only that can only be described as terrible saying that would I do it again definitely 100% The feeling to manage to complete this historical vintage rally is 2nd to none if you get a chance to enter this event please do it is wonderfully this event is not for the faint hearted a BIG THANKS goes out to all the staff of the Milan Toronto for very well run well organised event A big thanks to David Martyn cheddar Paul Sid Donato and everybody hours were out along the way sorry I forgot to mention my son Stephen Robinson any spare time and he has not got a lot of that built me some fantastic engines is is knowledge with the help from Darrell TaylorThe engine never missed a beat in temperatures up to 45° up hill down hill and all forgot Tony Tessier such a wonderful guy so knowledgeable anything to do with the Lambretta and the past if you get chance to meet him it is well worth sitting down buying a beer and having a chat with him just thought the two ladies in my life which has helped me probably the most my wife Donna And Sue Woo as organise me over the many years with hotel booking ferries and everything else that goes with scootering xx

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