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Christian Benger

Dear Natalina!

Many thanks to you, Claudia and the MiTa Team. Ali Lodron and returned on monday at 6pm back from Taranto.
We did the hole 4.000km on our bikes! It was quite a lot within 10 days. We do please ask you to send via mail our 2 posters as well as 2 and 2 big transfer Mita arrows. We would be very happy if can give us some transfers to put on the bikes. We and “our bikes” are proud to do the total tour.
For 2010 we think to come again, me with a Norton Manx 500 from 1938, it was raced in the german championship 1938 and I am the 2nd owner! Ali thinks to start with a Sarolea racebike. Would that be possible, as we do not have a nummer board / streetlicens, but there are lights onboard.
Best regards

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